ModelGlue 3.2 Scaffolding

Time to be honest. Up to this point, ModelGlue scaffolding was a cool trick, but for me the code that was generated requires a lot of styling to make it presentable to a client. Last night though, something changed for me. Dan Wilson (@DanWilson) and I were talking and he asked if he could send me something to take a look at. He encouraged me to blog about it after I looked.

So I looked it over and followed the example and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY. It was the difference between going 75 mph in the HOV lane and going warp 10. I was really impressed. Here are a few screenshots:

I have not dug into the guts of how it works yet, but the forms look to use a jquery form styling library.

Areas that could be improved:

  1. I have recently seen a framework called Django for the Python language and the generated code and styling of the interfaces is better than where we are here, but remember it is only in Alpha.
  2. Maybe this is in there and I have not found it yet, but I think making the styling more easy tweak and having some themes.
  3. Me. I need to get back involved in the ModelGlue beta process. In the first two versions of MG, I was active on the lists and giving suggestions etc… Lately I have been too busy, and I really need to get back involved because exciting things are happening.

I will continue to look into this, but I am incredibly impressed and blown away by what a huge jump this framework had taken.